Directions Worship Times I'm New

Where: The Church Hall

When: Saturdays from 4.00pm to 6.15pm.

The music at our Sunday worship services is designed to point us to God our Creator and Jesus our Savior, as well as increase our awareness of the Holy Spirit’s presence. We are not bound by one specific genre of worship music but you can typically expect a style somewhere between Christian modern-rock and acoustic-folk.  We value hymns, whether traditional or modern arrangements. We also believe visual worship is important and prompts us to respond to His beauty. Our service each week include prayer, music, preaching, reading of scripture and giving.

LittleFishesWe have Choir rehearsal every Saturdays night from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Anyone is welcome to be a part of the choir. There are no requirements, no auditions, no solos to embarrass you. The only thing that we require is that you become a part of us. We have an adult and a kids’s choir and both are open to anyone who has a passion for singing.

Alternatively, give one of our members a call for more info:

............ on 00000 890469
............ on 00000 890469

Why not come along and try for yourself?